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musouquest Rizon

Комната чата - Пользователей: 4 - 60 минут назад - актуальная тема: When Entering the Channel,​ REMOVE KEBAB FROM THE PREMISES |​|​ <RickDominated> This has been "Armchair General Hour - With General Rick Dominated /​k/​/​/​m/​ SDF,​ First Chairborn (Ret.​)" <RickDominated> Join us again next week,​ when I present my thesis on Naval Warfare: "Build More Battleships,​ Dammit" |​|​ ​#Musouquest|​gaming

boss.​gaming QuakeNet

Комната чата - Пользователей: 8 - 60 минут назад - актуальная тема: Welcome! Balls of Steel Squad annoying the opposite team since August 2007!
Категоия: Oss Games Комнаты чатов

steamlug freenode

Комната чата - Пользователей: 218 - 60 минут назад - актуальная тема: Steam Linux User Group |​ Channel rules: https:/​/​steamlug.​org/​irc​#coc |​ Not affiliated with Valve/​Steam! Contact Steam Support for customer service.​ |​ Gaming Events: https:/​/​steamlug.​org/​events |​ Fortnightly Audiocast: https:/​/​steamlug.​org/​cast |​ Report Steam Bugs: https:/​/​github.​com/​ValveSoftware/​steam-for-linux/​issues
Категоия: Linux Computer Games Комнаты чатов

puro-federaatio.​gaming QuakeNet

Комната чата - Пользователей: 3 - 60 минут назад - актуальная тема: ceu01.​mainvoice.​net 3060 koodi4; 5.​135.​85.​224 ja zeri on nobo
Категоия: Games Комнаты чатов

smd.​gaming GlobalGamers

Комната чата - Пользователей: 2 - 53 минут назад - актуальная тема: SICK MY DUCK IS BACK!!! WE GONNA KICK SOME UT4 BUTTSS
Категоия: Games Комнаты чатов

d&d-inn freenode

Комната чата - Пользователей: 29 - 60 минут назад - актуальная тема: D&D GAMING & scheduling |​ Be PATIENT! afk/​idle while ya wait for answer,​ so do we |​ DMs: announce games for the /​topic |​ Players Map: http:/​/​paradise.​sf.​net/​irc/​chanmap.​html |​ game-sessions are logged |​ 5e + Numenera in ​#​#nerdChat (Spaa*​ce) |​ 3.​5 in ​#​#everblack (nola) |​ AdHoc "paranoia" =​> JasonW

battleon Caelestia

Комната чата - Пользователей: 13 - 57 минут назад - актуальная тема: [Official,​ Affiliate] AE game discussion (AQ,​ DF,​ MQ,​ AQW,​ WF,​ EpicDuel,​ etc) |​ BattleGems (with PvP!) is live in the iOS and Android App Store! |​ ​#aq-gaming: RP |​ ​#yulgarsinn: forums,​ non-AE game chat |​ Forum and Caelestia Network rules apply.​ |​ Ceiling Ziragat is ALWAYS watching you.​ O_​O
Категоия: Battleon Комнаты чатов

werewolf Snoonet

Комната чата - Пользователей: 12 - 46 минут назад - актуальная тема: Welcome to the ​#werewolf gaming channel! |​ Please review our rules before playing: https:/​/​goo.​gl/​dQrCHv |​ A detailed guide to roles and other gameplay information: https:/​/​werewolf.​chat/​Roles |​ Please visit ​#werewolf-ops for reporting issues and bugs |​ Enjoy!
Категоия: Werewolves Комнаты чатов

GGOps SorceryNet

Комната чата - Пользователей: 3 - 46 минут назад - актуальная тема: Gaming Guardians Ops Channel|​ Possible Op rules to think about: Be plain & clear with reminders & warnings,​ & maybe try to be polite.​ Moral highground good.​ 3rd party suggestion: Bold &/​or color in red Op warnings to get attention/​differ from normal text so not lost in scrolling.​

highfive.​gaming QuakeNet

Комната чата - Пользователей: 10 - 60 минут назад - актуальная тема: [CS:GO] www.​highfivegaming.​net
Категоия: Games Комнаты чатов

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