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colemak freenode

Комната чата - Пользователей: 15 - 64 минут назад - актуальная тема: The Colemak Keyboard Layout |​ http:/​/​colemak.​com/​ |​ http:/​/​forum.​colemak.​com/​ |​ Please state your operating system when reporting technical problems |​ "xset r 66" to make Caps Lock/​Backspace repeat in X11

playthings Cuff-Link

Комната чата - Пользователей: 2 - 60 минут назад - актуальная тема: [21:17] <@manhandlewithcare> This just sounds like an Onion headline - "The quiet nerdy ones are total freaks in the sack,​ reports guy from his keyboard.​"
Категоия: Games Комнаты чатов

chat QuakeNet

Комната чата - Пользователей: 11 - 64 минут назад - актуальная тема: General Oxymoronic Chatroom |​|​ All languages welcome |​|​ be patient.​.​.​not everybody is at the keyboard :P |​|​ Here is rod instead of fish: /​msg Q help
Категоия: Chat Комнаты чатов

bees SlashNET

Комната чата - Пользователей: 4 - 49 минут назад - актуальная тема: Welcome to Red's channel: Ramming the shit out of his keyboard since 2014

spam AnonOps

Комната чата - Пользователей: 2 - 62 минут назад - актуальная тема: Yo Welcome to​#Spam Chan |​|​ Spam till you make a hole in yo keyboard.​ |​|​

WinXP DALnet

Комната чата - Пользователей: 1 - 59 минут назад - актуальная тема: If you want help with WindowsXP,​ any other Windows version or computer issues,​ describe the problem or what you need.​ If anyone here is at the keyboard and can help they usually will.​ Please be patient in waiting for a reply.​ Join ​#WindowsXP or ​#Windows7 for a faster reply.​
Категоия: Windows XP Комнаты чатов

clandesu ShadowFire

Комната чата - Пользователей: 1 - 50 минут назад - актуальная тема: Well I mean,​ I guess that wasn't very different from my expectations.​.​.​ had my interview on a rock outside O.​o Can I work for Retro too? D: And now my keyboard is squeaky clean :D
Категоия: Computer Games Комнаты чатов

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