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helpdesk UnitedChat

Комната чата - Пользователей: 4 - 25 минут назад - актуальная тема: Welcome to UnitedChat's #HelpDesk. Nickname & Channel Management: http://www.unitedchat.net/tools/login.html - If you are interested in applying to link a server to UnitedChat, please visit our server application page to view the requirements and procedures: http://www.unitedchat.net/tools/linkapp.html | mIRC 7.49 (5/29/2017) Released. Visit at http://mIRC.com

mIRC32 WebChat

Комната чата - Пользователей: 39 - 25 минут назад - актуальная тема: mIRC is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client for Windows, created in 1995 and developed by Khaled Mardam-Bey. It is a fully functional chat utility, and its integrated scripting language makes it extensible and versatile. mIRC has been described as one of the most popular IRC clients available for Windows. It has been downloaded over 40 million times.
Категоия: mIRC Комнаты чатов

gtsdll Rizon

Комната чата - Пользователей: 8 - 46 минут назад - актуальная тема: »» GTSDll - DISCONTINUED «» Last Version: - For uTorrent 1.8.x, Get the config maker on the site «» Download: www.gts-stuff.com «» A mIRC Addon That Shows Media Players/BT/eMule/DC/Getright/vDub stats «» DO NOT PM OPS.«» READ DOCS -> http://www.gts-stuff.com/?board=7.0 «» uTorrent 2.x DOESN'T work with current cfg maker

mIRC German-Elite

Комната чата - Пользователей: 2 - 37 минут назад - актуальная тема: SOME PEOPLE COME INTO YOUR LIFE AS BLESSING !!! OTHERS COME IN YOUR LIFE AS LESSONS !!!
Категоия: mIRC Комнаты чатов

lanun2000 WebChat

Комната чата - Пользователей: 5 - 25 минут назад - актуальная тема: #Lanun2000 : In Assalamualaikum.....Since 998 Log in semula setelah 14-15 tahun... apa khabar MIRC..... Selesai sudah REUNION GATHERING kita di Terengganu pada 30-31 Mar dan 1 Ap 2018, Terima Kasih pada yg menyertai... Mengukir & mengulit pelbagai Kenangan!! Esok Melaysia Memilih.. Selamat Mengundi Semua!!!!| RaIDeR_NaKaL 0112581804

help.script Rizon

Комната чата - Пользователей: 13 - 46 минут назад - актуальная тема: (Rizon Official Scripting Help Channel) (Need to paste your codes? Try http://pastebin.com) (mIRC, Eggdrop TCL, PHP, Perl, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, SQL, Shell, MATLAB Scripts - GO THROUGH /HELP BEFORE ASKING ANY QUESTIONS ) (Ask your questions first, and someone will be with you shortly) (no support of other scripts)
Категоия: Programming Комнаты чатов

mirc Sohbet.net

Комната чата - Пользователей: 68 - 28 минут назад - актуальная тема: Karakter sahibi olmak zor iþ deðil yeterki çabala.
Категоия: mIRC Комнаты чатов

help SwiftIRC

Комната чата - Пользователей: 34 - 27 минут назад - актуальная тема: Welcome to SwiftIRC's general help channel. Ask your question(s) and wait patiently for a response. Please visit our support wiki at http://wiki.swiftirc.net | #Swiftkit for Swiftkit issues | #RSHelp for RuneScape queries. | #mSL for help with mIRC or mIRC scripting. | #vHost for HostServ vhosts.

#sci-fi freenode

Комната чата - Пользователей: 5 - 46 минут назад - актуальная тема: Discuss all forms of science fiction || No porn or swearing will be tolerated. || Please hide spoilers with MIRC colors. || Marvel comics: ##marvel-universe || DC Comics: ##dc-comics || This channel isn't for role playing. || Not a channel for fantasy topics other than what you want to see || Upcoming movies: ||
Категоия: TV Series Комнаты чатов

java WebChat

Комната чата - Пользователей: 2 - 25 минут назад - актуальная тема: 2Welcome to #Java | Illusion 5.0 Script with new features (mIRC v7.32 compatible) can be found at 2http://www.chat-place.org2 | To identify to your registered nickname use: /nick - If you need further assistance join #Help | Chat Place Forum at 2http://www.chat-place.org/forum/ - Kevin wuz here...
Категоия: Java Комнаты чатов

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