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programmers DALnet

Комната чата - Пользователей: 7 - 107 минут назад - актуальная тема: Welcome to #programmers, where conversations start on one day, and get responded to the next | week...maybe | <@xixor> zchrist is the kind of stubborn grump that would be too proud to roll the roof back up and admit the mistake, and would just stoicly go through the entire car wash
Категоия: Programming Комнаты чатов

Programmers AnonOps

Комната чата - Пользователей: 26 - 111 минут назад - актуальная тема: https://github.com/vhf/free-programming-books || google.com <-- Your Friend || Want to share code? Use https://gist.github.com - Flooding the channel will get you kicked
Категоия: Programming Комнаты чатов

#dependent freenode

Комната чата - Пользователей: 60 - 112 минут назад - актуальная тема: Dependently-typed languages and related systems. | “Constructive modal logics are interesting for programmers, logicians, and philosophers. Shame they don’t talk to each other.” — Valeria de Paiva | No idea what’s going on? Try: http://purelytheoretical.com/sywtltt.html & http://typetheorypodcast.com/ | https://futureoflife.org/ai-principles/

raspberrypi-internals freenode

Комната чата - Пользователей: 55 - 112 минут назад - актуальная тема: The internal workings of the Raspberry Pi | Docs: https://github.com/hermanhermitage/videocoreiv/wiki/VideoCore-IV-Programmers-Manual | Open firmware: https://github.com/christinaa/rpi-open-firmware/ | Mailing List: http://www.freelists.org/list/raspi-internals | Logs: http://rpi.raindel.org or https://rosenzweig.io/raspberrypi-internals.txt
Категоия: Raspberry Pi Комнаты чатов

openscad freenode

Комната чата - Пользователей: 73 - 112 минут назад - актуальная тема: #openscad OpenSCAD - The Programmers Solid 3D CAD Modeller | website: http://www.openscad.org/ | FAQ: https://goo.gl/pcT7y3 | GSoC / Project ideas page: https://goo.gl/6tgrLf | request features or report bugs at https://goo.gl/lj0JRI | Archived at https://botbot.me/freenode/openscad | don't ask to ask, just ask
Категоия: CAD Комнаты чатов

cplusplus.com freenode

Комната чата - Пользователей: 44 - 112 минут назад - актуальная тема: Welcome to a friendly community for programmers from any walk of life. | Rules et al. goo.gl/i17LJk | Please badger TheDaemoness to do more writing. | https://www.akkadia.org/drepper/cpumemory.pdf | https://blog.regehr.org/archives/1520 | You don't have to be mad to JOIN here, but it helps. | C++1z WHEN?

programmers EFnet

Комната чата - Пользователей: 31 - 112 минут назад - актуальная тема: ENGLISH ONLY | ONE !list or !* and you get the ban.
Категоия: Programming Комнаты чатов

_ SpigotMC

Комната чата - Пользователей: 19 - 96 минут назад - актуальная тема: xlib is the only library you need to use on your computer. Your operating system is only a bootloader for xlib. The best programmers use xlib, there's no reason not to use it. Everyone who says otherwise has not truly utilized xlib to its full extent, along with its glorious printer driver.

jibble freenode

Комната чата - Пользователей: 12 - 112 минут назад - актуальная тема: PircBot video tutorial http://www.vimeo.com/4716128 | http://www.answers.com/jibble | New book: http://www.jibble.org/impossible-sudoku/ | PircBot 1.5.0 is latest version | http://www.deaded.com/staticpages/index.php/pircbotdemos | http://www.lenshoods.co.uk | Patience is a requirement for programmers

rust Rizon

Комната чата - Пользователей: 5 - 112 минут назад - актуальная тема: Rockstar Rust Programmers - War is Unsafe | Freedom is Safety | Ignorance is Type-checked - Start here: https://doc.rust-lang.org/stable/book/ - Please respect the CoC: https://www.rust-lang.org/en-US/conduct.html

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