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lfs-support freenode

Комната чата - Пользователей: 69 - 85 минут назад - актуальная тема: LFS 8.2 -- Welcome to LFS support Freenode. Please read the FAQ and search mailing lists first. Use http://hastebin.com for pastes. Any deviations from the book shall be discussed immediately. Please ask your question and wait for an answer, don't expect a response straight away. Friendly chat/offtopic in #lfs.

bitbucket freenode

Комната чата - Пользователей: 83 - 85 минут назад - актуальная тема: Bitbucket Cloud | Status: http://status.bitbucket.org | Support: https://bitbucket.org/support | This is an unofficial support channel | Devs are on Pacific Time, so please be patient for after-hours requests

corosync freenode

Комната чата - Пользователей: 7 - 85 минут назад - актуальная тема: The Corosync Cluster Engine is an open source project derived from the OpenAIS project and licensed under the new BSD License.

#DueProcess freenode

Комната чата - Пользователей: 11 - 85 минут назад - актуальная тема: Due Process = Right to a fair and public trial conducted in a competent manner-* Right to be present at the trial* Right to an impartial jury..* Right to be heard in one's own defense * Laws must be written so that a reasonable person can understand what is criminal behavior * Taxes may only be taken for public purposes* Visit http://theprosayhelpdesk.com/index.html for more info

whmcs freenode

Комната чата - Пользователей: 28 - 85 минут назад - актуальная тема: WHMCS.com | Latest Version 7 | Version 5.x is End Of Life | Ask your Question. Be patient. Eventually you'll get an answer | Bugs, Issues, Concerns, Questions? WHMCS.com/get-support/ | Think of something cool to add? requests.whmcs.com

xiaomi-dev freenode

Комната чата - Пользователей: 6 - 85 минут назад - актуальная тема: Laos DEV discussions for Xiaomi devices | If you need help, just ask your question (don't ask to ask) and state what device you're using and *wait* for an answer
Категоия: Development Комнаты чатов

openlighting freenode

Комната чата - Пользователей: 26 - 85 минут назад - актуальная тема: This is the offical IRC channel of the Openlighting project. Please feel free to ask questions. Just remember you may not get an instant response. Also try posting to the mailing list, open-lighting@googlegroups.com. The channel contains an offical bot, ( OLP-BOT )

django-channels freenode

Комната чата - Пользователей: 48 - 85 минут назад - актуальная тема: If you have a question, please wait for an answer, or email django-users if you can't.
Категоия: Django Комнаты чатов

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